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Big Time Support

for Small Credit Unions

"Let’s Succeed Together!"

Are you a smaller credit union struggling to keep up with the competition? Do you find yourself limited by scarce resources and unable to complete important projects that could elevate your business? 

At Firefly Consulting, LLC, we understand the challenges faced by smaller credit unions in today's rapidly evolving financial landscape. That's why we offer comprehensive, hands-on support to help you start and complete big projects with confidence, ensuring your relevance and success in the market.

We are here to Help the People Helping the People....Credit Unions! 

Our Core Services

Cami Wheeler

Executive Vice President

Wymar FCU

"Rebekah has been instrumental in helping us do the research for an in-house credit card program.  If we didn’t have her on board, we still wouldn’t have started the process given all the other priorities on our agenda.  Having Rebekah working for us is like having a little “research factory” running in the background.  She compiles results and insights for us to digest in between our bi-weekly update meetings.  She has met with vendors on our behalf and chased down every line of inquiry I threw at her.  Words I use to describe Rebekah are organized, efficient, knowledgeable, and indispensable!  A true asset to any credit union who needs an extra set of project hands! "

It's as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3 

Step One 1 

Contact Us Today! 

Don't delay your Credit Union's Success due to a lack of resources when you can RENT the help you need! 

Step 2 

Customize Your Plan

From exploration to accomplishment, we are here to help you every step of the way. 

The time for change is now! 

Our services are designed to adapt to your present needs and collaborate with you for future success!

Step 3

Achieve Success!

Together, we will drive your projects to success! 

Specific program expertise includes: 

Scienaptic AI Automated Underwriting

Jack Henry Symitar Episys 

Enhanced Loan Application (ELA)

Meridian Link LPQ Loan Operating System

Meridian Link Application Portal  

Advanced Reporting for Credit Unions (ARCU)

Working With the Best Credit Unions and Partners

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"Let's succeed together!"

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Recent Projects Include

  • In house credit card program

  • Credit card competitor research (local and national)

  • Rewards program

  • Debit card processor and network

  • A2A transfer options

  • P2P transfer options

  • External Loan Payment

  • FedNow

  • Debt Protection, GAP, and Warranty vendor conversions

  • Core Conversion

  • LOS (Consumer and Mortgage) Conversion

  • Merger

  • Scienaptic AI (automated underwriting)

  • MeridianLink LOS automated underwriting

  • ELA and EMA (LOS and new account software)

  • Estate and Will planning services

  • Wealth management services

  • Youth accounts

  • Business suite products including small business lending

  • Core efficiency optimization

  • Training and development (webinar and one-on-one coaching)

  • Procedure development and revision

  • Policy development and revision

  • Website audit

  • Website CU competitor and Forbes top website analysis

  • Website recommendations for revisions and partnership with web developer

  • Website support and HTML programming

  • New member onboarding initiatives (positioning SEGs, software)

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